Villages that do not obey government laws, run their own economy

We are all kings. Yes, this song is the first thing that comes to your mind when you visit this village. Everyone is a king in this village. No central or state government law can touch this village. Apart from these, the village has created a separate economy, separate law and order and separate social policy. Which is a matter of putting up the shelves.

The above words are said about the village of Menda written in Gadchirili district of Maharashtra, India.

This village in Maharashtra does not follow central laws like other parts of the country. The chief of all their Dandamunds is the village council here. Every resident of the village donated all their property to the village council through the Maharashtra Village Donation Act. There are total 104 families in the Menda written village. Total population is 480 people. Mainly people of Gond tribe live in this village.


This tribe does not believe in separate land ownership. According to them, if the land is privately owned, it can be easily bought by outsiders. As a result, there is a high possibility of outsiders entering villages inhabited by tribals.

According to the Gram Dan Act, the economy of these villages is now controlled by the Gram Sabha. The wealth of the village is deposited in the hands of the Gram Sabha. They are the ones who provide all the facilities to the villagers. Panchayat system is also practically non-functioning in Menda written villages. No representative goes to Gram Panchayat from this village. All through village meetings.

The village, full of natural resources, is also financially sound. According to the Forest Rights Act, the tribal dominated village can collect the resources of the nearby forest.

Around the village there are bamboo plantations covering about 300 acres of land. About one crore worth of bamboo is sold annually. The ownership of which is obtained by the Gram Sabha ie indirectly by the villagers. The money from the sale of bamboo is distributed among the villagers by the Gram Sabha. Local youths are trained to make various products using bamboo. Villagers donate 10 percent of their income to the gram sabha, which is later loaned to them in times of trouble without interest.

Apart from financial stability, the village is also unique in terms of law and order situation. This village has several laws of its own. However, they do not interfere in criminal cases. The village is like a family as the property of the entire village is in one place. As a result, there is hardly any social unrest.

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